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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

They are publicly funded independent schools established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with an authorizer. Public charter schools are born out of community needs and focused on community prosperity. There are currently 300 charter schools, enrolling 10% of all students in Michigan.

What is a charter school management company?

Rather than running a school, our charter school management goal is to support board members so that they govern a high-performing school. Providing schools with the resources they need to drive student achievement directly relates to the quality of the charter school management services.

Do charter schools employ certified teachers?

Yes. All charter schools must use state-certified teachers.

Are charter schools for-profit?

No. Charter schools are organized by law under the Michigan Non-Profit Corporation Act. They are all non-profit public schools, however, like traditional public schools, contract with for-profit companies to provide goods and services to the school.

Do we have to use every service EAS offers?

No! We provide an a la carte approach to services. We will work with you to determine what options are best for your school.
EAS has an al a Carte approach with our services. This allows schools to determine areas where EAS can help contribute to the success of their bottom line. It is common that these areas may need some assistance, and EAS is there to provide this support.
However, should only one item need attention, EAS can jump in and provide service for that area alone.

What makes EAS different from other charter school management companies?

We understand the challenges boards and school teams face on a daily basis. We are here to support you, so your vision can turn into reality. EAS believes in servant leadership; rather than running a school, our goal is to support board members so that they govern a high-performing school.

EAS Schools is focused on optimizing schools’ performance and potential through strategic planning, leadership, and management development.

How do I find out what services are right for my school?

To explore the opportunity of EAS further, please contact Heather Gardner, President & CEO, at or